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Virv WebWorks web site design company has delighted clients for over 6 years. We have successfully launched over 70 full featured web sites and been the sole provider of marketing for over half of those sites.

Ed Davis, founder of Virv, has designed for several Pacific Northwest businesses including Microsoft and Opticolor International (a division of Photoworks) and has served as guest lecturer at DigiPen Institute of Technology covering topics such as online design and programming.

In 2001 Virv relocated from Seattle to New York and has intensified efforts to provide more services and expand capabilities. By forming relationships with top developers in the region and abroad, we are able to provide more diverse and in depth services to you.

Virv WebWork's foundation is built on our many long term relationships with our clients. We are proud that we retain over 90% of all our clients, many for several years now.

Through forming strong alliances with supporting businesses and by providing unique, creative solutions and thoughtful service, it is our mission to grow to be among the world's finest design and development firms.



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