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Getting started on your web site is an exciting process and the more thorough you are, the more happy you'll be with the results.

If you have not composed your text, have a look at both our META Tutor and Organizing Data pages, these will help you in deciding what to say and how to put it all together.



The text of your web site can be delivered to Virv either via e-mail or e-mail enclosure. You may also mail diskettes, Zip100 disks or CDs to us. We accept documents in most popular formats, MS Word, AppleWorks, Notepad and SimpleText. If you have special formatting that you'd like us to follow, please pre-format in MS Word or AppleWorks. If there are words or phrases you'd like linked, please bold the word or phrase and place the URL in brackets: for instance, this is my link []. Please indicate where each separate page is to begin and title each section - you may enclose multiple documents if that's easier for you. Be sure and run a grammar and spelling check and send us your final drafts.



Scanned pictures may be sent to us via e-mail enclosure or through the mail as hard prints (duplicates only please). We do NOT accept originals, negatives and other transparencies - we would hate to see anything happen to your media either in transit or as it sits by our coffee cups (though bad stuff usually doesn't happen, we assume no liability for any media lost or damaged by us or in transit). If you are having your images scanned, please scan at at least 150ppi to allow us some room to scale your pictures.


Other Media

Sound and moving pictures (video and animation) may best be sent on CD if already converted to digital format. We can accept VHS, DVD, MiniDisc and CDs.


If there is anything else you'd like included in your web site, please contact us before sending it. Please indicate if you'd like your media returned; please note a fee of $15 plus postage will apply to any materials you'd like back.

Ed Davis
Virv WebWorks


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